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We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the Perot Foundation for providing the funds to distribute the Beyond the Medal of Honor educational program to over 17,500 Public & Private High Schools in America.

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“As a teacher, I believe, as Martin Luther King believed, that ‘Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education.’ The Beyond the Medal of Honor documentary is a valuable educational program and serves as a powerful tool for helping teachers fulfill this very important responsibility.”


“Thank you so very much for the documentary “Beyond the Medal of Honor.” It is phenomenal and will be shown to all my American History classes at South Lafourche High School. Again, thank you for the opportunity to show my students that these men and others like them put their lives on the line to guarantee freedom for America’s people.”


“This DVD set was beautifully done! The stories kept our attention, the humanness of the characters and their stories put a face on those brave men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedoms! I only hope all schools use this marvelous tool to instruct their students and to remind the upcoming generation that their freedoms should be cherished by them, because the cost of those same freedoms is very high.”


“Great idea for future generations to know about the uncommon man.”


“I am a Vietnam Veteran with 21 years and 6 months military service. I now teach High School Social Studies and I plan on using these DVDs in my classes to help motivate my classes and to instill patriotism in them early on in life. Thank you for the opportunity to show my students what it takes to be a person who earns the Medal of Honor.”

G.W. Collins

“As I am writing to thank you for these excellent documentaries, several students are in the process of being suspended for stealing drinks from a vending supplier truck. We desperately need to recognize and teach strength of character. America is a great country and has a lot to be proud of. Let us not be afraid to teach the facts! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“I am a librarian at Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio, Texas. I want to thank those individuals who made it possible for our school to receive such a wonderful set of resources. Seldom does anyone provide resources that have the potential for character building on the level that these materials provide. Thank you so much!”


“Thank you! Excellent program. My students will enjoy it. They need to see stories like these.”


“We have just received “Beyond the Medal of Honor”. Thank you so much for making it available to our students and teachers. We are a very small school district and sometime have difficulty obtaining items such as this. This is a wonderful addition to our library and will be made available to our entire school district.”


“Great patriotic work!”


“Thank you for your generous support of our curriculum. I teach Social Science to disadvantaged and At-Risk students. The DVD set will be used with appreciation.”


“Thank you for this inspiring documentary about our nation’s highest honor. This is a valuable addition to our curriculum. With climbing enrollments and declining resources, our library needs valuable resources like BEYOND THE MEDAL OF HONOR.”


“Thank you so much for making this DVD and curriculum kit available to our high school. Personal narratives like these make war come alive for students. I’m sure our students will be inspired by the courage of these brave Americans.”


Two years ago I researched the ten MOH recipients from Columbiana County for our Bicentennial in 03. Having done this I can only appreciate more what you are doing for our kids and our future. With gratitude from Salem, Ohio.”


“I was thrilled to receive your gift of “Beyond the Medal of Honor.” One of my goals has always been to acquaint my students with these wonderful people. Every semester my students do research projects on individuals that have earned the medal. It is important that our young people see that such heroes really do exist and should be honored.”


“Thank you so much for the materials! It will fit right in with the curriculum in social studies when we come to the 20th century.”


“On behalf of our faculty and students we would like to thank you for the DVD collection that you have so graciously provided for us. I believe that by learning to appreciate and honor our heroes our students become better people and better Americans. It is fantastic that our school has been given this extraordinary gift to be used again and again with our students. Thank you for helping us to provide the best in educational materials for our students.”


“Our staff was thrilled to receive the DVD set in the mail. Our students come from some sad backgrounds and are sorely in need of real heroes. Thank you so much for taking this initiative. We can’t wait to get started with the program.”


“One great program–thank you so much for providing such a quality educational tool – free of charge! What a Blessing!”


“I just wanted to tell you that I have been getting some great feedback. Many of the kids liked the documentary. Two of my students specifically mentioned the Jerry Murphy story as their favorite.”


“On behalf of Grant High School, I want to thank you for the “Beyond The Medal of Honor” DVD program. I know we will use it time and again in our Social Studies classes. Please pass on our gratitude to the Perot Foundation.”


“First of all, many thanks to Mr. Perot for funding and promoting the Beyond The Medal of Honor series. It is outstanding and has the capability of keeping the students attention and drawing them in to the events and the man. The librarian and I viewed the first Medal of Honor winner, Bill Crawford and it was riveting. I viewed the next two winners at home and as a history buff was in awe of the footage and the men involved both in living and in death. We are anxious to have the social teachers use this series in their classrooms.”


“Please accept our appreciation for the documentary set you sent to our school. Beyond the Medal of Honor is a beautiful piece that represents and reflects what is truly the best in the American people. It is a valuable edition to our library collection and will be used by many classes in our school”


“I used this in my government, English III and IV, and my American History classes. We loved it – Thank you.”


“Mr. Perot, Thank you for the “Beyond the Medal of Honor” DVD series. We are a high school in New Hope, Minnesota a suburb of Minneapolis. This is very high quality programming that will be invaluable to our students. We really appreciate having people like you who follow through and provide us with additional tools to educate our children and expand their awareness the way this series does. Thank You!”


“I just wanted to thank you for the Beyond the Medal series. My students just finished watching the story of Bill Crawford and now have a better understanding of the sacrifice our fighting men make for freedom around the world…even if it means giving up their own freedom. As a result of this show and our discussions of WWII, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars, the class has decided to adopt a platoon in Iraq. We are gathering shoeboxes filled with presents for our soldiers on the front lines. Thank you again for your exciting program.”


“In a world where heroes are ever more increasingly required to respond to the overwhelming challenges of nature and man, and where models of that esteemed level of character seem few and far between, it is a wonderful thing to find a group of people committed to the task of inspiring the best in each of us to ascend to that admirable position.

We here at the Hyde Schools, where character development is our goal and purpose, are deeply appreciative of your efforts and gracious generosity.”


“My 10th and 12th grade students are equally enjoying these DVDs. We have created patriotic posters, which illustrate the principals of freedom, and we also have a “Betsy Ross team” in each class. These teams are making an American Flag by hand – and it has been awesome. The whole school is talking about what we are doing and the walls in this room (805) look like America is being celebrated. Thank you so much for your inspiration – the students needed it and so did I. Patriotism is alive and well in Room 805.”


These DVD’s were awesome and we will make sure that every student that comes through our doors watch them and do some reflection upon them through assessments. Thank you very much.


I have just reviewed the DVD series “Beyond the Medal of Honor.” I give you my word to use this material every year as part of my History lesson plan titled, “Leadership: American Style.” I focus on the character of American Men and Women in uniform during peace and war. I give as examples all branches of our military from 1754 to present (the French and Indian War to Operation Iraqi Freedom. I will be more than happy to comment later on the direct use of your DVD set. Thank you for stimulating academic assistance.


Outstanding!!!!! I was blown away when I first saw the broadcast on a PBS Station (KCET). I hoped to track down a copy of my own so that I could show my children when they are old enough(infants now). Freedom is not free… it is only through the incredible sacrifice of our citizen soldiers that we are able to live in this great republic. Thank you for producing/immortalizing such incredible tails of heroism. It should be required viewing for all.


Thank you for the gift of Beyond the Medal of Honor. The stories are truly inspiring and should prove useful in our school library and Social Studies classes



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