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“Thank you so very much for the documentary 'Beyond the Medal of Honor.' It is phenomenal and will be shown to all my American History classes at South Lafourche High School. Again, thank you for the opportunity to show my students that these men and others like them put their lives on the line to guarantee freedom for America’s people.” MARY BELISLE



The 5-Disc DVD Educational program was donated to over 17,500 public and private high schools. Click here to thank the Ross Perot Foundation.

“This documentary pays tribute to our nation’s finest heroes … for those who fought and almost died, freedom has a taste that the protected will never know.” – H. Ross Perot"


Beyond the Medal of Honor profiles four of America’s greatest military heroes.

Four men who in the heat of combat somehow conjured up the courage to perform deeds far beyond what could ever be expected. For their specific actions each one was awarded our nation’s highest supreme honor The Congressional Medal of Honor.