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Drew Dix

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Drew Dix The Green Beret Army Special Forces Vietnam

En route to his first tour in Vietnam, Staff Sergeant Drew Dix was pulled off his Special Forces A-team and reassigned to the Central Intelligence Agency. Dix’s mission was to lead an armed force of indigenous troops to infiltrate Viet Cong infrastructure and capture high ranking officials. His early upbringing in the steel town of Pueblo, Colorado was now a distant memory. The Dix story takes place during the Tet Offensive of 1968. Although outnumbered at least thirty to one, Dix lead a small contingent of troops in a harrowing fifty-six hour battle against two Viet Cong battalions. The action earned Dix the Medal of Honor. Determined to rescue the civilians and restore Chau Doc Province, Dix took matters into his own hands. He saved a US nurse, eight USAID volunteers, two Filipino workers, a young Vietnamese girl and the wife and children of the Province Chief. Acting alone, Dix assaulted enemy strongholds, secured key buildings and captured over twenty prisoners including a Viet Cong General officer who turned out to be one of the highest ranking officials ever seized during the Vietnam War. Drew Dix is the first enlisted Green Beret to have been awarded the Medal of Honor. He received a direct commission to first Lieutenant and retired as a major after twenty years in the Army. Today in the fight against terrorism, his years of experience in special operations and unconventional assignments are being utilized to serve our country in the area of homeland security.


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